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Mark and Francesca

Francesca has Cornish roots and Mark loves tree what better reason was there to buy a Cornish Inn in the middle of a recession! No regrets however and we are loving the process of renovating this once neglected building and creating a cosy home from home B&B with the added benefits to our guests of a bar and elegant restaurant serving a range of food from traditional home cooking to chargrilled steaks and local seafood specials.
The gardens are very gradually transforming into a water garden with walkways and waterfalls and incorporate the numerous tree ferns that miraculously keep appearing (Mark!) For any other tree fern addicts out there, we have a large variety of unusual tree ferns with some exceptional specimens.
In June 2015 we were married in the gazebo we built and the garden we created. A very special day!
Bailey, our beautiful, feisty ginger boy died in May 2020. For now this lovely photo of him will remain.
Burt (Burty), had a rough start in Portugal and we rescued him in November. Still learning the ropes.
This is Kernow. Our eleven year old labrador who loves meeting people and might be found on his corner of a sofa. 
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