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The Blogging dinosaur!

I doubt anyone reads these anyway,

but as trendy as one likes to believe they are, I am most definitely not! No blog since 2017!!

So what can I say? Well despite the blow of Covid to the hospitality trade, we are still here, which is a minor miracle in itself. Lockdown was for the large part, spent in the back garden cutting down laurel and opening the area up. The plan was to create streams and waterfalls but we have fallen sadly short of our expectations. Once the seasons kick in, there just isn't the time. Last year I succumbed to the idea of a gardener and Malcolm has been a gem, clearing the old driveway down to Menacuddle (Welly boots less necessary now) and planting the banks. Over the winter he has planted hundreds of bulbs so we are all waiting in anticipation.

Our biggest news in recent months has been the addition of Burt. He was found by my daughter who lives in Portugal in a river ditch, tangled up in brambles, skinny and covered in ticks. He also had evidence of having been beaten which was hard to see. Of course Mum HAD to have him! Prior to us retrieving him however he had three months of treatment for several tick and flea borne diseases, which was a bit touch and go. He survived, so we drove to Portugal and back and he is now loving life. He is still settling in however and getting used to the fact that people are not going to be horrid to him but he is a gentle giant at heart.


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