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Wildlife in the woods

Vast numbers of toadlets and froglets have successfully left the ponds and are literally everywhere! Whenever we have to dig a post hole we have to relocate a few and walking down the garden to the Holy Well is a minefield (or amphibianfield!). Slugs and snails beware! Now that they have fledged or hopped we have been able to put the waterfall back in action and rigged up a rather Heath Robinson drain to the wildlife pond but wellies are still a good idea.

The gazebo has a roof but the next job is to tile it in slate, (something we have no experience of) )so we have found some more decking areas to do first to garner some courage.

We have had a lot of fun from our wildlife camera in the wood and have managed to photograph and video deer, badgers, foxes and a cat (not Bailey!). We were also treated to a tawny owl sitting on the TV aerial screeching loudly recently but they have sadly eschewed the comforts of our owl box.


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